Careers in the IC

The United States Intelligence Community’s website states:

Analysts, also known as Intelligence Analysts or Intelligence Officers, manage and produce intelligence on regional, transnational, scientific and technical, missile, and medical topics. Key functions include conducting research and gathering information, identifying intelligence gaps, interpreting and evaluating information from multiple (and sometimes contradictory) sources, monitoring trends and events related to a particular country or issue, and preparing written and oral assessments based on current events. Your customers will include national policymakers, military commanders, and other Intelligence Community members.

Analysts across the Community work in many different specialty areas. As a result, relevant skills, knowledge, and education vary according to the specialty area in which the analyst works. Analysts may possess expertise of a particular country or geographic region or may understand a particular issue in-depth. Common skills include strong oral communication, written communication, interpersonal, and critical thinking/analytical skills. The ability to work under tight deadlines and to work within a team environment is also important. Analysts often possess bachelor’s or more advanced degrees in one of the following academic disciplines: computer science, chemistry, geography, international economics, political science, regional studies, international affairs, physics, mathematics, engineering, foreign language, biological science, or related medical fields such as epidemiology and toxicology. Foreign language proficiency is desired, but not required.


Aeronautical Analyst Intelligence & Threat Support Analyst Aeronautical Imagery/Feature Analyst Intelligence Specialist (Staff Management) Bathymetrist Intelligence Specialist (Foreign Material Acquisition & Exploitation) Cartographer Leadership Analyst Cartographic Technician Marine Analyst Collection Requirements Manager Medical Intelligence Analyst Counterintelligence Analyst Nautical Cartographic Analyst Counterterrorism Analyst Orbit Analyst Cryptanalyst Political-Military Analyst Economic Analyst Regional Analyst Financial Analyst Scientific & Technical Analyst Geospatial Analyst Signals Analyst Geopositioning Cartographer Entry Level Professional Imagery Analyst

*Source: United States Intelligence Community,