Frequently Asked Questions


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When can I apply for the ISS minor?

The application period normally begins January 1st each year and runs until early February.

Are there any prerequisites for applying to the ISS minor?

The ISS minor has several requirements that you must meet in order to apply. You must either be enrolled in ISS 125 or have completed the class previously with a grade of “B” or better. In addition, students must have at least an overall GPA of 3.0 or better to be considered for the program.

I’m a junior. Can I still apply to the program?

Yes! You may apply for the ISS minor as a junior. Be aware, however, that you will have to complete the course work for the minor during your senior year. That includes a 200 hour internship.

What classes are required for the ISS minor?

ISS 125, ISS 351, ISS 352, ISS 480, ISS 490, ISS 499. See the course descriptions.

What is the average GPA of admitted students?

The CISS is a competitive program. See the general statistics for our cohorts.

If I have to write a senior thesis for my major can I combine it with the senior thesis I have to write for the ISS minor?

Yes! You will work with your thesis advisor in order to pick a topic that interests you and meets the requirements for your major and minor.

When should I start looking for an internship?

Immediately! It is never too soon to start searching for an internship. This is especially true if you plan to complete an internship with a federal agency. Most summer internships with IC agencies require applications to be turned in at least 9 months prior to the desired start date. For example, the deadline for summer internships with the DIA normally falls on October 15.

What is the CISS?

The University of Mississippi School of Applied Sciences created the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies (CISS). CISS trains students for careers in intelligence analysis and provides educational and scholarly resources to the national Intelligence Community (IC).

What degrees are offered?

CISS presently offers an Undergraduate Minor which consists of 6 mandatory courses, including an internship with an intelligence or security agency.

Where are you located?

The Center for Intelligence and Security Studies is located at 620 All American Drive, in the Former Athletics Building (next to the Turner Center). See map below:

What is the IC?

The Intelligence Community (“IC”) is formally comprised of 16 agencies—8 military, 8 civilian—though there are many more tactical military intelligence and security organizations. For more information, read about the Intelligence Community.